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Thandwefika is an award-winning storyteller, whose work has earned him the title of Southern Africa Champion of Public Speaking 2019. As a founder, Thandwefika serves as the chairman, and digital manager at the storytelling geared organisation called Hadith ya Africa, which runs Africa's Ultimate Storyteller Contest, the biggest storytelling platform in Africa. He regularly hosts monthly storytelling events and training workshops and regularly tells stories that entertain, inspire, persuades, and inform on stage and his podcast called "How Adulting Works" Through his travels, he has sought and heard the many stories of ordinary Africans. These stories have had such an impact on him that he has come to believe that all Africans should travel their continent first.

Familiarity by Violet Masilo

Moving to a foreign country in my 40s was not part of my life plan. So rather than feel sorry for myself I have found myself thinking more and more about displaced persons of Africa and the impact it has emotionally and mentally on them.

Growing up as an orphan by Nwangwu Uchechi

I chose this story because I am the story myself and I want to use it to inspire the world that we can be anything we want to be no matter out root. This story is everything to me. It reminds me of who I am and makes me realize that life is very simple and everyone is important to me no matter our background or race.

Through war-torn eyes by Shidoo Tarkaa

The story I shared reminds me of what is going on around me. The pain people are experiencing as a result of crisis situations and the need to reach out to these people and spread some love even if it is just by hearing their stories.

Nothing is for free by Teresa Mutheu

I am a village girl. Being conned was an experience that at first; I didn’t even know what happened and to be honest I didn’t know that there are con-artists and scammers and nobody told me of it.