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The magic of the world around me by sanelisiwe buso


Name: Sanelisiwe Buso

Country Representing: South Africa

Storytelling is a way that most African cultures pass down their customs, beliefs and their history. I believe that this will be a way we can carry on with our cultural values so that they’re not lost in this now digital world.

what does storytelling mean to you?

I am a person who is not very talkative and am socially awkward. Creative writing and storytelling gives me the voice I lack in my social life. As a result, I take every opportunity I get to be expressive.

There is a poverty narrative when people talk about African villages. This was my way of showing that beyond what the world sees as poverty, lies beauty in nature, people and humanity.

9 thoughts on “The magic of the world around me by sanelisiwe buso”

  1. nonhlanhla somdaka

    i have never seen nor been to a village before but through your sentimental story boo bear , i think i have an idea of how it is. one of your best stories yet ! love love , i love !!!

  2. ❤️😍 what a beautiful description of Butterworth, makes me wanna go home,rest my soul and get blessings from the elderly.❤️❤️

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