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Umoja band by George Chunga


Name: George Chunga

Country Representing: Kenya

My greatest inspiration was the fact that this is a continental content. Having participated in festivals and contests within my country only, this was an epic moment to join other storytellers drawn from different countries to tell my story and experience others’ renditions. The fact this this contest was about telling MY story was also a great inspiration. In my storytelling journey, I have always told other people’s stories but this contest presented an opportunity for me to tell a personal story

what does storytelling mean to you?

Storytelling is a life experience; it is the art of of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story thus creating and encouraging the imagination of the listeners. It means sharing of experiences and information in an entertaining way, using key vocabulary, phrases, rhythm and structure.

I chose the story because it was a reminiscence of my encounter with fellow artists; it gave me an experience to learn and understand group dynamics. The conflict in the story, created in me a self declaration to enhance teamwork, cohesion and quest for equity justice and fairness.

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230 thoughts on “Umoja band by George Chunga”

    1. What i like about you is how you spot and nature talents out here….im proud to say i was one of the natured once….keep going jambaka👏👏

    2. PungluPangla Wuodjomariek.

      Thank you Lisa, mentorship is an ingredient of growth. Glad you found some value in my trainings…

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