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Umoja band by George Chunga


Name: George Chunga

Country Representing: Kenya

My greatest inspiration was the fact that this is a continental content. Having participated in festivals and contests within my country only, this was an epic moment to join other storytellers drawn from different countries to tell my story and experience others’ renditions. The fact this this contest was about telling MY story was also a great inspiration. In my storytelling journey, I have always told other people’s stories but this contest presented an opportunity for me to tell a personal story

what does storytelling mean to you?

Storytelling is a life experience; it is the art of of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story thus creating and encouraging the imagination of the listeners. It means sharing of experiences and information in an entertaining way, using key vocabulary, phrases, rhythm and structure.

I chose the story because it was a reminiscence of my encounter with fellow artists; it gave me an experience to learn and understand group dynamics. The conflict in the story, created in me a self declaration to enhance teamwork, cohesion and quest for equity justice and fairness.

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229 thoughts on “Umoja band by George Chunga”

  1. Paul Okoth Opondo

    The way you build it up and carry my attention as a story teller is second to no other, you virtually hand me the blocks of imagination with which am able to build and include myself as part of the story, You are in the league of my fore fathers and I am proud that the torch of oral narration is in your hands…. Keep it aflame!

    1. PungluPangla Wuodjomariek.

      Such kind words are humbling bro. I am glad you found meaning and relevance in my story. The ability of an audience to feel part and parcel of my story melts and makes me happy.
      May you be blessed with a dozen children sired by you.
      Thank you.

    1. PungluPangla Wuodjomariek.

      Thank you bro…. Storytelling is a mirror so refractive… The society must see a near refraction of them.

  2. I have worked with Chunga in various projects before and he has never disappointed. He has mastered the art of story telling to address different societal issues. Good work. Keep up.

    1. PungluPangla Wuodjomariek.

      Thank you for the kind words Erick Langi, storytelling has always been my cup of tea.
      I Just love doing it.

    2. I Think George Chunga has a call In story telling.His performance is always stunning.your talent is growing day by day.Yiu have changed lives of many especially youths.Kudos and aluta continua

  3. Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working…this is what George Otiende have always been illustrating ever since I started listening and watching his stories

  4. Chunga you are just outstanding with inborn talent in the field of art. With a creativity of its own kind , in all encounters I just love your work

    1. PungluPangla Wuodjomariek.

      Thank you Erick, your kind words have rejuvenated my passion for keeping on digging the creativity wells. Glad you are one of my diehard fans…

    1. PungluPangla Wuodjomariek.

      Your kind words have humbled me… I am because you are because we are …
      Thank you.

  5. A natural story teller. Always calming in a therapeutic manner…natural medicine. Keep up the good work punglu pangla

      1. Your tongue walks the talk. The gods of our land have insisted on your coronation at Got Ramogi. The stool of greatness awaits your honour. Of this I’m convinced! Unitate et labore! Amaaandlaaa! Naibuye, ne Afrikaa……

        1. PungluPangla Wuodjomariek.

          You have ignited my creative spirits… May the gods of our land fetch us good as you have said ….
          Many thanks David.

  6. Punglu Pangla, You are a natural story teller; quite a talent. The ease with which you render your artistic pieces never ceases to amaze!
    The story is well told.
    Wishing you the best in the conetest, Wuod Jomariek.
    Karie bosio!

  7. A well told story as usual. Your ability to fuse music and sometimes dance in your stories is a testament of your raw talent. The ease by which you incorporate imagery, metaphor and suspense is an art very few have mastered. The time is right to share your talents with the rest of the world. Go for it big man!!

  8. Now that’s my teacher am proud of you mr george you made me to be a very good narrator when we successful reached nationals by miwani boys thanks a lot mr you are the best wuod jomariek

    1. PungluPangla Wuodjomariek.

      Thank you Stephen, glad to hear that my mentorship of you has yielded fruits…. Take it up and run with it… You have infinite potential.

  9. George Chunga is not only my mentor but also my teacher in the journey of story telling.He teaches me alot to do with carrying the audience with you and forever I will walk on his footsteps.

    1. PungluPangla Wuodjomariek.

      Today you have all it takes to make it in this great World of storytelling…. Enjoy the walk.

  10. The teller of stories has in a POWERFUL way made a very BIG Impact in the oral literature field, its prudent he shares this immense experience with his fellow tellers of stories from across the continental and the world in general, at a personal level I have benefitted immensely from his rich, unique style of fusing his kinanda and the story , tell that story Bw. Chunga Punglu Pangla

    1. PungluPangla Wuodjomariek.

      Wuod Baba, Your kind words have humbled me, this thing runs in my blood … I love doing it … Kinanda is my trademark. May the stories live to be told…
      Erokhamano Rwath.

  11. I loved what you did in Bridge Piccadilly when I was working , you are such a talented man. Keep up the good job

  12. Austine odhiambo

    Very marvelous bwana chunga,,,,,the very moment I met you my life changed ,,,,indeed youve really mentor many and inspired many souls through your story telling ,,,,may you continue in the same spirit. BRAVO !! WUOD JOMARIEK

    1. PungluPangla Wuodjomariek.

      Thank you Justine, glad to hear that my mentorship of you has yielded fruits…. Take it up and run with it… You have infinite potential.

  13. He is not only a great story teller, he spots talent and natures it. Though I have a long way to go, I can proudly say I learned from the best! Well in👏👏to a great mentor!

    1. PungluPangla Wuodjomariek.

      Thank you Lynn, glad to hear that my mentorship of you has yielded fruits and sparkled some creative motivation in you…. Take it up and run with it… You have infinite potential.

  14. Absolutely amazing George. Your sky is an illusion of height. Ever soaring, keep going brother. You will tell my story one day.

  15. George Chunga Otiende, an alumnus of the great Kisumu Boys High School, is a multiple award winning storyteller.

    Of course he is winning this one!

    Thu tinda!

    1. PungluPangla Wuodjomariek.

      Thank you bwana Executive Secretary. Glad that the message in the story was relevant to you.
      TWAS …. Mbele Pamoja.

  16. One thing I like about your stories is that they come out naturally and the message is clear and as a teller you are so entertaining. I loved your story and may God keep you save so that you keep talking to us and the whole world on various thematic issues affecting humanity. You are great.

  17. Thank you for being the voice of the invisible, through your expressions, your songs and art. You make storytelling a part of healing, giving agency to many

  18. Benson Monayo Nyakundi

    What more can a guy say Chunga wuod otiende may your legacy live to ratle and disrupt reality and lies that live among us by your stories…

  19. I respect you even more after watching you perform. I was glued, the props, the flute playing and everything inbetween. It was also good learning about Kenya from a personal perspective and not ‘Google’. Thank you once again.

  20. Punglu pangla yo my super director. The story depicts what most artists in Africa go through. And that only the ones who are able to look past the unfairness in the society get standing when they’all get united.

  21. It will take me a whole deca to write a book about you cause I have alot that I parsonally can’t express in comment section but what I know best is that in you is a full house of good personalities and teaching that youth’s deserve best,and anyother person,the best story teller,writter, father and a friend of the people,you deserve the best and am sure enough you gotta get this…

  22. Very inspiring story..I love your stories for real..You hv made me like narrative genre in the Drama field..

  23. Mr Otiende Chunga is a force to reckon with!A passionate storyteller,does it with zeal and zest!Am happy for you Sir!Go Go my teacher!

  24. Pungulu pangala ,,,G Chunga your poetry touches the heart of many who have ever met you like myself,,,this is the opportunity for you to market your art beyond Kenya all the best

  25. Thank you great people; Your comments are humbling…. I admire your trust in confidence in my Storytelling…
    Ahsante sana … Tell a friend to Tell a friend to Vote

  26. A versatile Storyteller with infite potential. I can relate to the story of Umoja Band.
    A perfect reflection of a true story of Kenya in the year 2007.
    Thank you.

  27. This guy is really an awesome story teller, I really love his pieces and literary works, I perceive he is the best in the whole wide world.

  28. George is a very exciting story teller who captivates his audience we have worked together in many events where he always came out of the darling of the audience

  29. You’re an inspiration George our children see you in the neighborhood and are identifying with. Keep the fire burning.

    1. You’re an inspiration George our children see you in the neighborhood and are identifying with you. Keep the fire burning.

        1. PungluPangla Wuodjomariek.

          Thank you Lisa, mentorship is an ingredient of growth. Glad you found some value in my trainings…

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