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The best childhood memory by Mmathapelo Sandy Manoto


Name: Mmathapelo Sandy Manoto

Country Representing: South Africa

I am from a small village that believes so much in heritage, culture and tradition and prides itself in its practices. The belief in heritage played a major role in our lives. The upbringing was intact, and added value and dignity to us. I feel that as Africans we are slowly losing our heritage.

what does storytelling mean to you?

Story telling gives me the ability to share my childhood experiences as well as different life experiences. To me it means bringing the world together and laying out issues on the table and sharing opinions. Storytelling helps one to navigate through life because you are able to learn to solve problems using different actions through stories.

I believe that through storytelling, everyone is accommodated. To be a storyteller you do not have to have certain qualifications or master certain gestures. Everyone is a story teller through our everyday life happenings and experiences.

The story I chose is very personal to me, because it made me realize how connected Africans are to nature. The moral of the story carries weight to me. We see parents who were very determined to teach their children to work together to accomplish their goals. This is something that is not happening in the current modern world.

We also learn from the story that parents are there for the children unlike in the modern world were parents are too busy to spend time with their children and pass knowledge that could be of good use to them. As the story unfolds, we can see the picture clearly that when the time comes decisions need to be made but need to be taken with caution, without having to hurt other people and leaving them with emotional scars. I chose this story because there is so much morals in it. It teaches us about humanity and how children need their parents and vise versa, to be able to live in this jungle we call life.

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