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I couldn’t allow my children to grow up without their father by Lungile Dhlamini


Full Name: Lungile Dhlamini
Country Represented: South Africa

Why did you enter this storytelling contest?

I receive healing through telling my story and also be able to share my experiences makes me feel great.

What does storytelling mean to you?

It gives other people to learn from your mistakes and the future generation to know that this is good way of communicating as Africans.

Why did you tell this story?

To be honest I needed to share my story for me to heal.

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10 thoughts on “I couldn’t allow my children to grow up without their father by Lungile Dhlamini”

  1. I salute your decision of choosing yourself and your children in the end. Many times we stay for the sake of the children not knowing that we are destroying them by exposing them to an evil model home where the mother endures abuse and the father teaches a narcissistic behavior. Continue praying for you and your peace. Forgive yourself and your ex (but don’t go back). Focus on your children and career. Embrace the beauty of life!

  2. Oooh wow Lungile, thank you for sharing your story.The journey of life comes with a lot of uncertainties . Even though in life things never go the way we want. But all we must do is trust in God’s plans for our lives.
    For me personally, your story has been a lesson learned.Thank you.

  3. Well done! I always ask myself why my mom did not leave. Because WOW I’m still triggered even in my adult life. I told myself I’ll never get married, if that’s what being married means I would rather be single and be happy…Andizi

  4. Thank you for sharing your story Lungile . It’s so hard to be mother , being a mother means doing all you can for your children , we wants to give our children what’s we didn’t have . We end up staying in the wrong relationships because we don’t want to be labeled as failers .

  5. Well done babe that’s courage not everyone can do that. No regrets though you had to go through it, you had to take this journey of 20 years to be the woman you are today!

  6. To be honest this story caught me completely off guard. Now I am sitting alone in the dark reassessing my own life choices.

    That is the value in sharing our stories I guess, it allows others to learn lessons they haven’t experienced yet.

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