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How to be successful in business by TOMBE Franklin


Full Name: Tombe Franklin
Country Represented: Cameroon

Why did you enter this storytelling contest?

I enjoy meeting new people, engaging with new challenges and trying new opportunities. I was in class when one of my friends mistakenly forward the link to me. Nothing comes for nothing. So I decided to engage in it.

What does storytelling mean to you?

Words mean a lot to me and storytelling is not only part of me but part of my culture. My grandparents used to tell me stories and legends. So I grew up with that culture and I intend to continue to tell true and imaginative stories.

Why did you tell this story?

My grandfather, TOMBE Maurice, is my mentor and I wanted him to be part of my first submission. He means a lot to me and despite the fact that he has passed away, I believe he is watching me and pushing me into this contest

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41 thoughts on “How to be successful in business by TOMBE Franklin”

  1. Livingstone Amang

    I like the fact that the story Is told sponganeously . No editing , no cuting , It flows. The instrument he plays gives a certain spiritual Vibe to the story and helps us apprehend the story even more.
    I have watched other contestants and I truly believe this one Is top notch!

    1. So well structured and spiced alongside with a profound didactic relevance. Thumb up man, that’s Africa we love

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