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How to be successful in business by TOMBE Franklin


Full Name: Tombe Franklin
Country Represented: Cameroon

Why did you enter this storytelling contest?

I enjoy meeting new people, engaging with new challenges and trying new opportunities. I was in class when one of my friends mistakenly forward the link to me. Nothing comes for nothing. So I decided to engage in it.

What does storytelling mean to you?

Words mean a lot to me and storytelling is not only part of me but part of my culture. My grandparents used to tell me stories and legends. So I grew up with that culture and I intend to continue to tell true and imaginative stories.

Why did you tell this story?

My grandfather, TOMBE Maurice, is my mentor and I wanted him to be part of my first submission. He means a lot to me and despite the fact that he has passed away, I believe he is watching me and pushing me into this contest

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41 thoughts on “How to be successful in business by TOMBE Franklin”

  1. Tout simplement waouh.
    Bravo mon conteur.
    Va de l’avant. Il s’agit là d’un riche patrimoine culturel en voie de disparition. Nous consommions avec délectation ces contes jadis auprès de nos grands parents, mais combien de parents envoient encore les enfants aux villages de nos jours ?
    Quand bien même on le fait, cette tranche d’horaire qu’on ne ratait sous aucune condition est remplacée par la télévision avec tous les mensonges…
    Conséquences : pertes des valeurs culturelles.

    Je suis si fière de revivre ce moment.
    Vivement que tu remporte cette compétition

  2. Le conteur contant conté 🤗🤗🤗

    You’re simply the best sir we are humbled to know such a marvelous story-teller. The use of kalumba makes this performance unique

  3. Tu as toujours cru en tout ce tu fais ! tu as toujours mis de la passion en ce dont tu as fois ! Une fois de plus l’éveil de la société t’interpelle et c’est ce que tu viens d’exprimer à travers cette vidéo ! Courage à toi partenaires et que tout le bonheur te sourisse

  4. The best histories of my life. Thanks you so much for your daily histories. They are not only amazing but i learn also much (didactics). Just one word ,,continue”

  5. His tales take me deep in my remote African world free of modernism and colonialism…

    Right to a period when after a tiring harvesting day in farm, Grand Ma would entertain us until we fell asleep without eating. Long way to you dear…

    1. Voufo Joël Carlos

      Cette histoire, surtout le récit, me plonge dans une nostalgie sans pareil. Courage frère, va de l’avant

  6. J’adore cette histoire, la leçon qu’elle passe est ce dont les hommes et surtout les africains ont besoin de savoir.. Merci beaucoup pour cet enseignement. Notre entourage devrait l’écouter 😇🤗

  7. “Someone’s opinion should not become my reality.”
    I think that’s an important decision that Can change my mind set from reactionner into winner.
    Thanks Mr. Tombé

  8. Livingstone Amang

    I like the fact that the story Is told sponganeously . No editing , no cuting , It flows. The instrument he plays gives a certain spiritual Vibe to the story and helps us apprehend the story even more.
    I have watched other contestants and I truly believe this one Is top notch!

    1. So well structured and spiced alongside with a profound didactic relevance. Thumb up man, that’s Africa we love

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