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Chronicles of an unemployed woman by Refilwe Mashaba


Name: Refilwe Mashaba

Country Representing: South Africa

I love to heal and encourage other people who are struggling with ills and problems in their own lives. Sharing my story would mean that my thoughts and my capabilities don’t die in my heart.

what does storytelling mean to you?

It is Therapeutic, it’s love, it’s sharing one’s life. It is empowering when given the right platform. People get inspired by a storytellers’ life.

Unemployment is something that is talked about a lot. I feel that the people who are unemployed and want to get employed, are not in any case given the spotlight. For me it is important because we hear all the successful stories every day on social media and society start to look at people like me who are not working as lazy or as if they don’t want to have financial freedom like their peers. I want all of us to stop looking at unemployed people like they are just statistics.

By getting involved in how we can help and decrease the number of our youth on the streets, we can help them become consumers and contributors of our economy.

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16 thoughts on “Chronicles of an unemployed woman by Refilwe Mashaba”

  1. Strongest woman that i know
    So touched……….. Am with u lovey
    “Nako yaka iyetla. So please ska nxeba wannyatsa”dedicat3d this song to u

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