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A lie I never knew by Skiny Jay Pieterse


Name: Skiny-Jay Pieterse

Country Representing: South Africa

Storytelling is amazing. It brings the excitement to what you are trying to pass over to the next person, like back in the days when elders would be sitting around a fire and sharing wisdom in the form of stories.

what does storytelling mean to you?

I believe that when something comes your way, it is meant for you to take shot. I believe this will be my greatest opportunity to tell my story. Listening to someone else’s story has made a huge impact in my life. I was a drug addict and alcoholic and I now can do something now to make a difference in someone else’s life. We all can learn from each other if we take the time to listen.

The story I chose to tell outlines that we all live in this beautiful world where struggles are real. One smile can make a difference so let it be that no matter how hard things are we can get through if we don’t give up. Its all in the mind. Bob Marley made music to make a difference a story is one way to do that so let it be that this is my way I’ve come from hardship been on the streets taken drugs drank etc. I’m still kicking and I want the world to push and make a difference. We all can if we come together.

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6 thoughts on “A lie I never knew by Skiny Jay Pieterse”

  1. As per request that my comment be deleted. I am not being allowed to do so from my phone or laptop. I hereby retract all my comments made.
    Skinny jay pieterse, i did not mention names and hope that you find the peace that you are looking for . Remember you are forgiven and may God Bless you.

  2. Johnatan Henry Pieterse

    Hahahaha rather let me get through the next Round and watch how we now open doors to reality let the main story come out I know it all I summed it up in 5min I never trashed your name but Let the truth be told for all an why I did an why I am the way I am I hope you ready Madam Tisha

  3. Story telling can be awesome, but you have to tell the truth as you may never know who is listening and may have known you in those times.
    For instance, you mom passed and you saw her before she died by the insistance of your step mom as your stepmom did not want you to point fingers at not being able to see your mom. Her funeral the same thing, but YOU did not want to go.
    You were not kicked out the house, you ran away, and slept with older woman as booze, drugs and smoking was more appealing to you. You had 2 brothers and 2 sisters that were not like you. You were taken to doctors and sent to school psycologists for lies, stealing, bunking, etc etc the list goes on.
    Your real mother was a drug addict, your head was so enlarged as a baby that you had to be monitored. Your step mom took you in without even knowing your father, and that is how they met. Dont say your step mom did not like you, you were a sick, troubled troublesome child and you made everyones life unbearable, you hid you medication in the roof light fittings, you refused to be helped, it got so bad that your siblings did not even want to be known at school etc that you were their kin. Please dont make out that it was hard for you, it was harder for those around you. PLEASE PEOPLE… do not do drugs, do not smoke and drink as a child and think you are the “manne”. This is the truth be told.

    1. Mom. You’re 100% right. I think Jonny is making out what he perceived it to have been…We all tried to help him. He would never listen to any of us. Even some of my friends have taken him in before and when they saw his true colours….they kicked him out too. I’m sure they would share the same sentiments…even his own father’s family in jhb tried to help him. You are 100% right. Jonny did NOT want help. I remember him hiding his pills in the light. I remember EVERYTHING. Yes Jonny got good hididngs, but it wasn’t just for no reason. And we all got hidings as we were also naughty at times…what kid isn’t? …..but Jonny would steal money that was meant for food for the family- bearing in mind, we were living hand to mouth, so there was no extra money to make up for the loss-and buy smokes and sweets etc for him and his mates. And even for us too, but conned us in saying he found money on the road when he went to the shop…and of course we believed him the 1st time….so Jonny, I think it’s best you think twice about what version of the story you wish to tell….your version, or the truth. Please dont always play victim. We have all moved past how you were and focusing on the future. By opening files, twisting and lieng about events will only make you lose the respect from family and friends. Story telling is good, but let it be the truth.

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