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What they call odd I call unique by Boluwatiwi Ayo-Opaleke

Full Name: Boluwatiwi Ayo-Opaleke
Country Represented: Nigeria

Why did you enter this storytelling contest?

As a change and adaptive leadership enthusiast. I am all about inspiring and communicating positive change. I believe that our lives can be better, richer, if we embrace learning as a lifestyle. I believe that your platform will help amplify my voice and message.

What does storytelling mean to you?

Storytelling is both a science and an art. It is an effective and efficient communication tool that allows others to go on a journey with you without necessarily going anywhere physically. It can be used to challenge unhealthy rhetorics, change narratives, influence cultures and considerations.

Why did you tell this story?

The experience shared in my story has helped me appreciate self love better and has allowed me to enter a space of empathy that not many are fortunate to experience. It serves as an anchor for how I approach many things today.

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383 thoughts on “What they call odd I call unique by Boluwatiwi Ayo-Opaleke”

  1. Excellent story very well narrated. You style of delivery makes that much more enjoyable. The message you pass across is also quite important in the world we find ourselves in where it is so easy to be cruel. Social media has even made things worse.

    Loved the story!

  2. Boluwatiwi, you are a bundle of talents i am not surprised that you are where you are now. keep the good works going. congratulations.

  3. Love the narration and the beautiful way she said it,captivating and makes you want to go on and listen to her concluding part. Well done bolu! The Lord will.empower you the more .

    1. Roseline Sam-Memeh

      Well done Bolu, your story is interested, your story makes me to remember my boarding school days far back in Sapele Delta State, Nigeria. Oh my God!
      You have so much energy in delivery your story. You have a good charisma in presenting your story .

  4. This was a great storytelling experience for me- this story. I felt like I was on the scene where this event narrated happened. It is very motivating and fantastic. It reminds me of the time past when we used to share tales by the moonlight.
    What strikes me most in this story is the manner of narration. I love the way she dramatizes the story and it caught and sustained me till the end. What is missing though, as a sort of feedback is that the story lacked a climax. She built great anxiety and was very visual in her build-up. As a captivated audience, I was waiting for the consequences, what happened to the senior, what happened to the abuse that was committed. Did she report the case, did she escalate? If she did not, she also could have narrated in the story with the benefit of the hindsight of what she could have done. She was so motivated to come to the lesson that she wanted to share more than concluding the scenario she builds. What happened to the conflict; how was it resolved? I miss this conclusion. The moral of the lesson was fantastic and enjoyable. But how great would this theatre have been if she had climaxed it and concluded the abuse part? That was missing but it takes nothing out of the drama. I enjoyed it and I am proud of it, why else would I take such a long time to write such a long review eeeeeeeeee
    The camera angle for this clip was great and well calculated. The lightings, fantast, her presentation- very professional and her selection of wardrobe is enviable and commendable. Great work madam. I will punch LIKE because I like this.

  5. Amazing and inspiring story. The bible talks of the power of tongue. May God grant us wisdom to impact positively on our children and those that we come in contact with on daily basis.
    All the best in this challenge.

  6. Relatable, inspiring and real. Thanks for sharing your story Boluwatiwi. I also love the angle of parenting and the importance of knowing that the greatest cheerleader of a child’s dreams and vision is the parent. Keep it up!

    Bod Adebo

    1. @Bod, thank you for sharing. My daughter transitioned from kindergarten to primary school yesterday. And, she was leading her class in all the graduation activities.

      This story totally resonates with me given her experience and my own based on my mum’s support. @Boluwatiwi, you are a winner and great inspiration!!!

  7. Oyekunle Oluyemisi

    Words, received when at formative years, make or mar the child. Thank you for soaking it in and saying it in a style that’s so uniquely you. I am an avid follower of your stories. For me, they’re not mere stories but invaluable life lessons. I actually cried when I read one of them – the mallam that sells onions and peppers.
    Thank you sister for blessing us with your wealth of intellect.

  8. Moses Oladimeji Olayefa

    Very educative! Liberating and transformational! Your thoughts on the meaning of odd have given me a perspective to be open minded and not be stereotype!

  9. Very thoughtful story and highly inspiring. Great lessons learnt. You’ve always been unique since I knew you. Keep soaring dear sister.

  10. Bravo¡!!! Truth is occurrences like these were better imagined than experienced. Those seniors were gods in that setting those years. But your decision not to admit the condemnation, inquire knowledge from Dad, and
    then taking his wonderful response to heart as a philosophy for yourself and now the rest of us is absolutely brilliant.

    Thumbs up sis, you made so much sense outa a potential bully of a helpless boarding school student.

      1. Wow, great story indeed. Your dad is very wise and has instilled a very great virtue in you. You are extraordinary indeed

  11. This is astonishing and beautiful and amazing please keep d good work rolling with ur inspirational write-up.

    Proud of you

  12. Wow wow wow, didn’t know I needed this even though I’m one in need of this positivity 🥺 until I clicked and I was glued by your beauty and the way you used and carried your words! I’m in awe,I don’t have a choice but to finish through the video and I must say ,I’m blessed ! 🥺my timid mind will always remember this and will always refuel my energy and soul with yo Words! Thank you for this!

    1. I live for such admissions. I’m super glad and grateful that you felt rejuvenated after watching my video.

      Cheers to a bolder, better you.
      I’m rooting for you.

  13. Lovely Story and very inspiring. more of this on our social platforms to encourage and motivate thousand and millions of young people out there. cheers

  14. Oladipupo Solomon

    It’s a nice story. One is noted for for his/her uniqueness not for his/her similarities so says Mike Murdock.
    Also, it is not what people say or think about you that matters but what you say or think about yourself.(Self esteem)
    Your words and thoughts control your life.
    You are uniquely created by God.

  15. This was a really good story and so inspiring. Our words matter, and we shouldn’t use them to tear people down. We should build others up and leave memories in their hearts.
    Thank you for sharing ma’am.

  16. Uchubiyojo Omede

    Absolutely inspiring! Thank you so much Boluwatiwi Ayo-Opaleke for this. Certainly, our Parents words of encouragement outlive material possession. And this story will as well be relevant in all reader’s lives for as long as they live. Thank you once again and remain blessed.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story. Its actually inspiring and thought provoking. It also lends credence to the song which says we’re wonderfully & fearfully made…..

    1. I am not surprised by Bolu’s story telling ability and ability to get her message through. Her enterprise, marketing skills and ability to arrest the audience attention are testimonies I can personally attest to. Nice story! Great job.

  17. Harun prince Yunisa

    Boluwatiwi Ayo okpaleke,am so proud of you,I know who you are,Almighty God will continue to guide you throughout your journey,your generosity will continue to speak for you,favor is your name,you grow from grace to grace,because I have faith in you and I know you have faith in God,sky will not be your limit,I pray you will pass through South Africa with your talents to meet us here in the United States of America,by the grace Almighty God our capacity president Joe Biden and his vicepresident kamala Harris will welcome you to our country soon,

    1. Hahahhaha! Prince Haruna

      It’s sooo lovely and humbling to read such kind words of encouragement from you. I appreciate the confidence you have in me.

      Thanks for your support.

  18. The word “unique” tells it all that we are uniquely made to reflect the glory of God. It’s left for each of us to discover what makes him or her unique. Thanks, and keep it up!

  19. Gbenga Ogunfowora

    A fatherly are gold on a marble and it inspire the child to move up the ladder. Love your inspiring story

  20. Cynthia Samuel-Olonjuwon

    Very inspiring story with multiple lessons. Within a very few minutes, it explores the power of words, use and abuse of power, infrastructure challenges … among many others. Boluwatiwi’s delivery was brilliant. Amazing story told by a great story teller. You will definitely soar beyond your wildest imagination by God’s grace.

  21. Your story was very nostalgic… reminds me of my boarding school days experience. It felt like I was watching a movie when the plates broke!😃

    You are great at being discriptive in your story telling. I love the uniqueness to how you share life experiences and happenings in a way that one can relate to and learn from.

  22. Akhaze Olumide Obiogun-Okesola

    Wonderful wonderful story! What great words of motivation! What a great inspiration! Our strength is in Our diversity and uniqueness! Wishing you God’s best in this and all your endeavours, Aunty Bolu!

  23. Hmmmm what an inspiring read and the narrative was cool. I could see your eyes changing happily😜 at”it was my Dad”..
    Great job

  24. Wow ! What they call odd , I call unique. Very beautiful ❤️ story . Highly instructional . The power of positive reinforcement!

  25. Wow! Top notch👌 Keep up the good work ma’am. Indeed a piece that completes several loops. The sky is your starting point. Being a writer myself just inspired my creative mind. Thanks you for that ma’am😘😁

  26. Bolu,

    Your story and excitement with you shared it stirred up emotions in my heart.

    It reminded me of the capacity that we have to shape other people’s lives with our intentionally chose kind words.

    Your dad’s reframing of your experience wiped away the devastating impact that the senior’ words could have left on you.

    1. Yes ma. So so true.
      I’m grateful for the gift of him, you and many like you that are intentional about communicating kindness with your words.

      Thank you ma.

  27. Amina Grace Japhlet

    Your story brought back memories of the boarding house I attended.

    I am glad for your father’s response that gave you a new perspective.

    The ‘seniors’ did not know they were leading you down a new and empowering path.

  28. A beautiful story from a beautiful soul. Cleverly written, without allusions to any jading. The Thoughts are whimsical, original and unapologetic, while still being gentle and welcoming.

  29. The story reminded me of my own story as well. Words parents speak to their children are very important and thanks for sharing.

  30. Bolu! I really enjoyed your story. Your style and passion come through and makes for a very interesting tale. I can also relate to those boarding school experiences. You are an “odd” and unique person! Enjoy it!

  31. I was with you every step.of the way! Lovely story! Uniquely beautiful and inspiring. Very relatable. Wishing you all the best.

  32. Hey sis, another great piece! Very inspirational! I truly relate with daddy’s comment. It reminds me of my daughter coming home from school one day feeling bad because a friend called her black. I told her she was simply chocolate and chocolate is every child’s favourite thing and her friend was simply jealous of her skin colour because she was so uniquely beautiful. She beamed with so much smile and that gave her a new confidence in her skin colour. Since then whenever anyone calls her black , she smiles rather than upset. I totally agree , what others call odd, I call unique

    1. Hahahaha!
      I love your response and tact.

      Unhealthy rhetorics are strengthened when we do nothing. Your daughter is blessed to call you Mom! I’m rooting for her too. ☺️💗

  33. This is such a lovely story! My heart honestly skipped a beat when those plates broke! I was so scared for you. Your dad is honestly the real MVP and deserves a plaque, for reinforcing confidence in you, and letting you know that your uniqueness is the best thing about you. God bless him for that.
    Cheers! 💓

    1. I appreciate your kind words.

      Hahahaha! It happens to the best of us. Thanks for “feeling my pain” and yes, my dad is one heck of a superhero. I’m blessed to have him for sure.

      Thank you Dunni!

  34. Okaima Aimienwanu

    Bolu has always had an uncanny and unique way of relaying her messages…one which I always admired. Her eloquence, ease of conveyance and clarity is unequalled and keeps you captivated,wanting for more and almost sad when her story comes to an end.
    This message is clear, there is a different in every one of us…..embrace it, explore it and perfect it.

  35. 😁👌🏾 Boluwatiwi is such an amazing storyteller, she has a systematic and simple step by step approach to delivering her thoughts and lines. Kudos, I’m very proud of you.👏🏾👏🏾

  36. Priye Isokariari

    “To be odd is to be extraordinary”
    This is deep and insightful. Being odd makes you unique, different from the crowd, easily identified, no duplicate. You just become You.

    Thank you Boluwatiwi, it’s a reminder that odd is beautiful just ensure your odd brings sunlight. Beautiful story.

  37. Mojisola Arowosegbe

    How boring the Universe will be if we look alike, talk the same way and have the same personality.

    1. So beautiful. I enjoyed every message from this vedio. I couldn’t make it in the boarding school my dad had to withdraw me. Its okay to be unique. Inspiring

  38. Lovely storytelling. The way you did it, I’m inspired to tell stories too…and maybe be unique like you

  39. Opaleke Babatunde

    Such an intense,captivating and inspiring story. “What they called Odd, I called Extraordinary. And what they called weird I called Unique” great piece. Kudos!

  40. This is so inspiring. God creaated each and everyone of us in a unique way and as such, no negatives words should discourage anyone from fulfilling the unique purpose on earth.


    Such a beautiful illustration of how we can be unique in spite of what the world says or thinks of us. Lovely story from a lovely woman.

  42. Jeph Oluwagbemiga

    It’s awesome how this story resonates with me and I’m glad Boluwatiwi was able to articulate this in a very captivating manner. Thank you

  43. Wao! Truly, what people call odd is actually the ORDinary in us that with God’s EXTRA, the much EXTRAORDinary difference is revealed. Everyone is blessed with at least a unique atribute of which with no understanding of it, the world calls ODD.

      1. “What they call odd, I call unique and extraordinary”.

        Our words remain alive long after us.

        Bolu, I wish you all the best.

  44. BB…. an interesting story . Beautiful Bolu you are different, have always been different and will continue to be different.

    1. You got me grinning from ear to ear sir. Thank you for every single push and pat on the back. You have truly been a great cheerleader from Day one. I’m grateful for you.

  45. “Uniqueness” is the beauty of life; it becomes interesting when we embrace our uniqueness. I love the way you told the story. You are Amazing.

  46. Awwn, I just want to hug you already.
    I can relate to the story big time.
    I attended a boarding school seniors where mini God’s. For me it’s the response of daddy what they call odd I call extraordinary and what they call weird I call unique…..

  47. What they called odd,is factually extraordinary and what they call weird is factually unique.dare to be different.dont follow the crowd, rather create your own path so others will follow.those are the qualities of a lion and an eagle.soar like an eagle my sister.the sky ain’t your limit but your starting point.you, your family and your generation are blessed and will remain blessed forever in Jesus name amen

  48. Interesting story. Parents are role models to their children. What they say and do leave a mark on their children. What your dad said left a mark on you.

  49. Folashade Olayemi

    Very interesting one and so much to learn on parenting in relation to character formation.loved how the response from your dad boosted your confidence from zero to 100 real quick!💯👏👏👏👏

  50. Sandra Ngozika Aiyudu

    When people can’t comprehend you they tend to put you in a box with a label. I’m glad your dad stepped up and boost your confidence.

    Beautiful story telling this is, it kept me wanting more. 😊

    Well done Boluwatiwi.

  51. Hmmm, nice piece. I laughed at the part when you said you had to use your bathing water to wash and after you slipped and the next thing that came was hope they were not breakables..😄.Gheghen!! Seniors Sha. I could relate very well.
    We all our unique in our own ways. Understanding our uniqueness and how greatly it can impact lives of others is what is most important. Touching the lives of people in our own uniqueness.
    Keep it up darling. You’ve always been unique, very different, our philosophies stand! Great writer that you are!. Keep affecting lives positively!!..All the very best😘

  52. ‘Perspective’ defines everything. I’m odd. I’m weird and I’m unique. Well done Bolu…. rooting for you always. Cheers !

  53. Everyone have a story and never lived to tell it. Bolu you are privileged to tell don’t keep mute. All the way with you

  54. Parents must play their role in encouraging and making their children believe in themselves or the world will give them a different identity. Congratulations!

  55. Engr. Adewale Oyebisi

    The story was so inspiring even after all odds…being oneself is the ultimate, making the best use of the odds. Thanks to your dad for that wonderful inspirational letter. I wish you well

  56. I am equally inspired by your story and lesson taken both for myself and kids. Words can make or mar us but choosing to let the right words impact our lives regardless of the odds or circumstances life dishes at us every point in time makes the whole difference. This is so apt.

  57. Awesome, positive vibes.In every point in life,there are two ways to get paid✓with money or with experience.Nice one Bolu, greater heights in Jesus Name Amen.

    1. I loved your story telling technique, I could literally feel all you went through just by listening to you and your expressions. I went to Unity School too and your story is relatable. I love that your father’s words made the difference and it’s a great lesson for parents.

      It okay to be different provided you’re doing the right thing.

      I was curious to know how you managed with the water you had before the water tankers arrived to supply more water in the school.😍

      Great job!

  58. Honestly, Boluwatiwi Dad was right, it’s okay to be different… I.e. Extraordinary and Unique… I will ensure pass this on to my children. They do not have to be what people want them to be but they must be the best of themselves, be kind to others and love themselves also.

    Please let’s also teach our children to say kind words to others around them. Their words could make a difference in a lifetime. Imagine what the unfair words of the senior could have done (leave you devastated for life with poor self esteem) but thank God for the words of a wise father.

    I love your story and I am glad your dad made a difference….

    1. Abimbola Akinwunmi

      Believe yout story really touched me and made me appreciate myself more. I have had my share of the bad but always thought something was odd about me. But now I believe and see myself as unique and extraordinary.

  59. Owonuwa, Malomo Jacob

    Yes, Iye mi, you have remained consistently unique. A leader in d home, A-kehinde-gbegbon…as it were…confident, saying it as it is.

    1. Thank you sir for making this story of relevance today with your powerful comment to Boluwatiwi at the time!

    2. Daddy mi!!!!!! My hero and paddie.
      You know that I treasure you and every moment we spend.

      Thank you for being the very first wind beneath my wings and for the push that got me to this path. 💗💗💗💗

    1. Interesting story. Parents are role models to their children. What they say and do leave a mark on their children. What your dad said left a mark on you.

        1. Ayenigba Folorunso

          “To be odd is to be extraordinary, to be unique”
          Very deep and makes a lot of sense. Am not surprised that a piece like this came from you. It shows you’re a true daughter of your father.

  60. Oladeji MORAKINYO

    Boluwatiwi, I love your story. I mean you are a story yourself. Keep inspiring this generation. Posterity won’t forget you. Cheers and Weldone.

  61. Joseph F Ibilola

    Bolu , good job a very good narrative. “Omo daddy “. Those seniors were very wicked.I wish and hope you win , because you are wonderfully , fearfully and uniquely made by God.

  62. This is a very interesting story.
    It also reminded me of some of what I went through in my own boarding school as a boarder, in the hands of the “so called seniors.
    She told the story as it is, concise and straightforward.
    The story also encourages any individual who thinks she is not accepted by some particular group of people to cheer up.
    We are all created in a unique and wonderful way.

  63. Oluwatosin Opaleke

    I likd the story. There is a king in everyone of us. Our diversity and uniqueness is God’s way of distinguishing us from one another! Never let anyone look down on your uniqueness for therein lies your greatness. Good job!

        1. I’ve always loved reading your write-ups on Facebook, they are usually very interesting, this piece is no exception. I wish you all the very best in this challenge.

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