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The lesson by Hannah Tarindwa


Full Name: Hannah Tarindwa
Country Represented: Namibia

Why did you enter this storytelling contest?

Other than the prospects of edging further from poverty by winning a thousand U.S dollars? (LOL!) Seriously though, as an African writer, I get frustrated by being considered “not African enough” because I have urban experiences. Though I am urban, born and bred, my experience is just as African as that of someone who is rural bred. So, I felt as a proud African who has lived with electricity and running water all her life, I think my story is just as important as the story of those who traveled 10km ro collect water. It all happened in Africa and on the African soil. Also, this competition gives me the opportunity to prove the satement in my TEDx Talk in 2018 that I am Africa’s biggest story lover!

What does storytelling mean to you?

As a published writer, copy editor and the founder of the Writers Academy of Namibia I can confidently say that storytelling is a means of survival, literally and figuratively speaking. I believe that storytelling is not just an activity done to entertain but can significantly contribute to the improvement of people’s lives and livelihoods. Storytelling empowers the teller by allowing self expression and sharing of thoughts, insights, feelings, suspicions, visions and memories whilst triggering the listener to either understand, agree or even change their perception on life. Storytelling, I believe, brings out the image of God in each of us because in story telling there is creation and recreation of what was, is and is yet to come.

Why did you tell this story?

The story is about an event that occurred, orchestrated by my mother. I felt that it would be a great story to share about the communal nature of raising a child. This was quite typical exercise in Africa: whether in urban or rural setting. It is a story I actually share a lot with people to illustrate a number of points but mainly that whipping kids may be less effective in teaching children life lessons. My late mother, I like to say, was the Queen of Creative Punishments. The story also is a homage to my mother, who not only was a great story maker but also supported my literary and performance arts endeavors.

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61 thoughts on “The lesson by Hannah Tarindwa”

  1. Well said Hannah that’s how we grew up in our days… Thank you for these amazing words. We must share these memories with our children of today 💕

  2. I love this Hannah and I can so relate to it. I remember we also had to do urban farming otherwise there would be no meanie meal to eat. I remember skyving one year and we ended up having to eat yellow maize “Kenya” we called it which I so detested at that time.

  3. Great story! Really interesting. Wish all parents would teach their children to be responsible (though some might think otherwise)!

  4. This is beautiful Hannah, I almost stopped listening halfway but I wanted to hear the lesson taught in the story. Wow so profound!

  5. It’s at first a harsher way of parenting than I would think I like, yet it’s deeply consequential and wise, and as Hannah is a living witness to it, it does leave a mark in a positive way.
    This really touched me and somehow changed my thinking and parenting in ways I don’t expect it would. Thank you Hannah 👌🏽🙏🏽❤️

  6. Kaleb Nghishidivali

    Hannah Tarindwa, you are the real mother to us, and you touch our hearts by this thanks mumy be great till the end.

  7. I have absolutely loved and enjoyed reading this story. Surely, Hannah’s mum was the Queen of Creative Punishments. Keep going Hannah, reach greater heights, the gold medal is yours.

  8. Mthulisi KingKG Ndlovu

    Woooow Hannah you such a gifted soul. I loved the imagery and the emotional evocation. All the best and keep it up!

  9. It is indeed great to tell our own stories and Hannah”s passion to do this is evident. This has the potential to inspire others, especially young people, to also share their stories. Great peace of work indeed.

  10. Hannah has a natural talent in oral expression. The story is simple and yet so captivating. The listener can very much relieve the experience through imagination.

  11. Great story indeed, I can just imagine the different looks on her face upon knowing she got paid but that she also had debt to settle. Wonderful massage in the story about accountability and a young age.

  12. An interesting piece to listen to. Something I can relate to as I lived in the village for all my childhood life.

  13. Hannah! I can still remember your speech (What if?) You are so gifted in story telling and public speech as well

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