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Nothing is for free by Teresa Mutheu


Full Name: Teresa Mutheu
Country Represented: Kenya

Why did you enter this storytelling contest?

There are many things that have passed through growing up in a village, and because there are many other people not only in a village but also in cities who pass through such things and some are ignorant of them I wanted to use my life story and inspire them as well and create awareness to some of those who are unaware.

Most of these things just happen so fast in such a way you are not sure when and how they happen, so using my own life story, I’ll b able to touch some people, warn some, and also using my experience. I’ll be able to site some things that if you are good and honest not all people are like you.

I believe all my stories will give sight to those unaware and help me get to where I have always desired to be an inspirational speaker.

What does storytelling mean to you?

Storytelling to me is letting out your own life experiences so that others can hear it out and learn from you.
The entertaining or touching part of the story, will by the end give out a life lesson.

With my stories of heartbreaking things I passed through as a village girl, I’m very sure my story will open up the eyes of people and help them arise as strong men and women.

My stories are not imaginative stories but real stories of things I passed through and couldn’t realize early until I almost lost everything. Most of them I have shared with friends and workmates. Though it hurts because it made me have a backfall in my life.

Why did you tell this story?

I chose this story because it’s the first experience that broke my heart, it happened just when I started saving and working just after I joined university when was struggling with my life.

It is an experience that at first, I didn’t even know what happened and to be honest I didn’t know that there are con-artists and scammers and nobody told me of it, so I passed through such people in life and that’s why I’m saying those experiences really shaped my life and made me know how the life I and kind of people in society.

Though I shared it with some of my workmates I’m not shy to let it be known by society for I know there are many people out there who are not aware of such things in society and at some level those brought up in a village setting.

The main lesson I wanted to release with the story was that before doing anything just think twice if not thrice and when the sea is too good think twice.


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