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Happiness: The story of Mason by ThePhraseAssembler


Full Name: Yaw Owusu Amoako
Country Represented: Ghana

Why did you enter this storytelling contest?

A year and a half ago before covid struck I went to this gaming conference in Ghana where I met a super-talented woman with who I immediately struck a bond.

The wealth of knowledge that she possessed and that amount of truth she spoke was pretty mindboggling. After the conference, I took her contact and we started communicating.
I had been writing short pieces as I call it for some years now and I sent her some of my content to listen to. She was pretty much enthused and I asked her to critique my work for me.

The first thing she told me was Yaw take the day and the year out of your videos so that it could really push your content globally, so from that point every time I put out content I have been able to find a way of taking those to specifics our and that has really helped me a lot. Since I loved writing, she would always send me storytelling competitions and workshops that were going on in Ghana and she sent me this about a week ago and told me to read on it and submit some of my stuff.

So this is me heeding her advice

What does storytelling mean to you?

Life is a story and everything that happens to everyone on a daily basis is a whole book on its own. The everyday routine that we go through is a story on its own and the things that happen to it when documented would always entice people to come back for more each and every day. so storytelling is everything to me. It definitely helps you know where you’re at right now and what you need to do to get to that point that you want to.

Why did you tell this story?

Many people have searched and researched into what really makes an individual happy. Some people found it and it didn’t last for that long, others found it and made good use of it but in the end, they wanted something different and others are on a journey still looking for it. What makes individual happy changes every single time they get comfortable with it But if you’re content with everything and everyone around you, that’s the only time you will understand that happiness was right there with you and you needed not to look that far.

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