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Growing up as an orphan by Nwangwu Uchechi


Full Name: Nwangwu Uchechi
Country Represented: Nigeria

Why did you enter this storytelling contest?

My story inspired me to enter the Ultimate Storyteller Contest. My growth has been amazing. Looking back and seeing how far I have come from a very low background to becoming a storyteller is something I am proud of.

The orphan girl who nobody believed could get admission into the University finally made it and studying my dream course “Geology” gives me this joy of doing more. The tears that rolled down my eyes while growing up has made me laugh more as a young lady and will love to do more because those sad time made me dream, strona great lesson because I learned a lot from the journey of Life to appreciate who I am and instead of being hard on myself, I decided to give the world my love by showing up for dose not have what I lacked ger, bold unbreakable, and value the little I have.

As a child, my mental health was poor because every minute I was sad the journey of Life to appreciate who I am and instead of being hard on myself, I decided to give the world my love by showing up for dose not have what I lacked. Instead of being hard on myself, I laugh more, teach the people around me what love of parents means.

What does storytelling mean to you?

Storytelling is everything to me, my waking up is a story of how nature loves me and I embrace it with a cheerful heart. The life we live is a story and everything about humanity is a story.

In one of my quotes “I am a story, created into the story and live by telling stories”.

As a child, I also experienced storytelling under the hut of my ground mother every night, in those nights I felt the joy coming from my beautiful grandmother who will sit on the ground tying her wrapper on her beautiful chest and smiling like a queen who just made her king happy with the songs she rendered to us to repeat after her which we echoed.the connectivity and the engagement of her story made us so happy that we looked forward to everyday.

Storytelling is as old as man and every record or data of humanity is a story to be told or written. We are the stories of our great ancestors who can not tell their stories but left us behind to finish up by writing their stories.

Why did you tell this story?

I chose this story because I am the story myself and I want to use it to inspire the world that we can be anything we want to be no matter out root.This story is everything to me. It reminds me of who I am and makes me realize that life is very simple and everyone is important to me no matter our background or race.

This story reminds me of how supportive my brothers and sisters have been to me. The families I lived with, were the best things that happened to me because without them I won’t aim so high or even dream big. If I wished for anything in this life is to have my parents watch me grow and see their daughter become a great “Storyteller” and a “Geologist”.
This story reminds me of how I have worked hard to as a teenager to make a living and safe money for school

When I tell people that I never had the joy of celebrating my parents like them, they tend to wonder how I always smile and laugh to everything I do.

My journey so far has been an inspiration me and to many people who knew me as a child.

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528 thoughts on “Growing up as an orphan by Nwangwu Uchechi”

  1. This is outstandingly commendable. A suitable inspiration for our younger generation for everyone struggling with living up to personal goals and aspirations. We need more of you

  2. I am most inspired!
    It is not the stones people throw at you that count but what you make out of those stones. I choose to make them a stepping stone to a higher level.

    Keep pushing💪, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Matthew Kogwuonye

    Ever smiling lady with a great story.

    You have weathered the storm and turned pain to opportunity for smiles and affections.

    You deserve a medal dear.

    Keep it up.

  4. Ugonabo Kenechukwu

    This is the best story I’ve ever read in my life. You’re indeed a motivation to our generation and a manifestation of God’s goodness. God bless you dear. Well done!

  5. I know the feeling of the lose of both parents
    No story is better said without experience, a story from the heart always goes a long way to teach and enlighten others.

  6. Udeobasi Chikwado Joseph

    It’s really not an easy feeling to grow up without the parents I’m an orphan too so I know exactly how it feels but last last God is our comforter. Despite it’s been long age I lost my parents i still miss them ….

  7. Onyeodili, Adindu O.

    It is well with you, Uchechi.
    There are Divine Parents set aside for Orphanage ones.
    Keep Hope Alive, okay!

  8. Well done Uche for your persistence and strong spirit. Greatness awaits you. Really touching and inspiring story.

  9. A story worth reading!!!!
    Life itself is a gift and I’m thankful you’ve learnt to live it one step at a time.
    #LinkedIn_Mama! You’re doing well!!!


    Glad with the woman you have become, despite the challenges you still made “helping people succeed in their careers” your top priority.
    I am glad our paths crossed.

  11. Oluwadamilola kemisola

    Endurance pays and may God give us the grace to achieve every of our ambitions through hardwork and endurance.

  12. Oladipo omowunmi

    Your story is so touching and is a guide to many people that are also going through similar challenges.

  13. Zainab oluwakemi

    I have learnt a lot of things from you personally. I bless God for your life light is shining indeed.

  14. Achebe once said, if you don’t tell your stories, others will tell them for you.
    Your story is touching and relatable. Nigerians are solidly behind you.

  15. I just can’t imagine the agony of living without both parents. I’m glad you scaled through dear. Keep soaring

  16. Congratulations on turning your misfortune into an opportunity and not allow them to define. Keep inspiring yourself and others

  17. Uche you been an amazing, strong, enthusiastic, charismatic lively girl..
    The good God who saw you through it all is still alive….
    Girl, the the fir burning!
    Am proud of you sister!!!
    The best awaits you!

  18. Your quote, “I am a story, created into the story and live by telling stories” caught me so well and I’m deeply inspired by these heartfelt words of yours to always live and esteem greater heights no matter my background or root, in appreciation to those who look up to me from the very beginning!

  19. Okechukwu Emmanuella

    Your story will move you to places cos you’ve spoken from the heart. Well done Dear ND may that smile never ever depart from your lips.

  20. Eze Ogbonnaya Okereke

    This is super inspirational, I enjoyed every bit…
    Kudos girl, I always knew the nickname “africana” is going to be a trademark..

  21. I have had the opportunity of interacting with you but I never knew the part of you being an Orphan to say the truth.

    This I a story to tell and I tells so much about your steady smile.

    It’s your strong hold, don’t let go of it.

  22. Uchenna my dear, I lost my daddy at the age of 16.
    I feel every bit of your story you are an amazing soul. Trust me the universe conspired against your for good.
    Everything happens for a reason.
    God bless your future.


    This is very emotional. I love your courage to share this story. It’s an inspiration. Thanks for sharing with the world

  24. I really touched and amazed by your strong will and determination to achieve what you want and over your childhood hardships. I pray u win

  25. I never knew all these about you yet each time I see you, you always have this captivating smile on your face . Thank you for sharing your story with us, I am truly inspired to do better and give out more love than I receive daily.

  26. I’m so touched, you truly deserve to be happy dear. May God strengthen you to make more people smile, Amen.

  27. You’ve been a genius, I knew you would be doing great things. Your story is the best so far. Keep it up the victory is yours.

  28. Amadi Margaret Mary Chiamaka

    I am so touched by this story. It was so Emotional and inspiring. May God continue to strengthen you, Amen!

  29. Uche you are simply amazing.

    I call you a fire cracker cause you are small but mighty. Seeing the way you leave footprints on any platform I find you…at your age, you’re an Enigma.

    Being an orphan at an early age never deterred you. You where able to overcome it to become such an inspiration to growing children.

    May God bless and keep your wisdom, so you will keep soaring.

  30. Egunleti Adeyinka Kofoworola

    From your story I see that you went through hell just to be a better person. Thank God for education and growth.

  31. Wow!.
    I’m Awed, not just by the story alone but by the resilience and courage, I have seen you put up too. Never knew this part of your story, but now I do, I’m greatly inspired. No limits!.

  32. Your story is inspiring. Keep sharing it and don’t stop because someone out there needs to hear this

  33. Ogwo Chidinma Vivian

    A Very touching and inspiring story….
    More grace dearie
    …u r destined for greatness,keep touching lives ✌️

  34. She love telling beautiful stories, she wear lovely smile always. She is focused and determined. She deserve the best. She is loved.

  35. I celebrate you Uchechi, stories go a long way in saving humanity from avoidable paths thereby creating peace and sustainability. U’re good.

  36. This is an excellent presentation, I’m emotional though. It is highly inspiring and motivating.

    Congratulations in advance ma’am ❤.

    1. U inspire me dear. I feel motivated and believe even more that I can do anything I set my mind to. Thank u so much.

  37. Thank you for sharing your story! May it help others to be encouraged and work through their lives in the hard times.

  38. “Your background should not keep your back to the ground.”
    That’s what your story embodies. Keep winning, Uche

  39. Panama O. Emmanuel

    Our story is our journey so far and our journey is the essence of life and our existence.

    If you don’t tell your story, someone else will do that for you in his/her own way and choice.

    Well done for telling your story which is very relatable.

    All the best my friend.

  40. Taking such courage to share your story is awesome. This would give others who might be going through the same thing the ability to come out and also share theirs giving them the opportunity to elevate themselves and also embrace love. Thank you for your story I’m inspired that no matter the situation life presents to us, we should let love lead.

    1. Uchechi, my beautiful story teller.
      You are becoming more passionate about telling stories.
      Weldone dear🌹

  41. Forget about Perspiring to Maguire, this right here is it!… Beautiful story… And an even More beautiful teller of the story.

  42. A beautiful story!!!!!
    It’s soo wonderful and inspiring how you’ve not let the circumstances of your growing up deter you from being the wonderful person you are. Keep being you!!!!!

  43. Despite all odds, you kept the fire burning. You didn’t allow pear pressure weigh you down, have heard alot of students saying ‘their parents don’t send them money so that’s why they are like this and that’ but watching you I see contend. You have always made do with whatever you have, that’s a great spirit. Your are great and greatness is in you. BRAVO

  44. For someone who saw part of the challenges and struggles you had to go through coming up I must say that I’m very proud of the wonderfully nice and loving lady you’ve become against all the odds. Keep that fearless spirit burning dear. The Grace to conquer your battles at every stage of your life is your portion IJN🙏🙏🙏

  45. This is very inspiring, and I’m always proud of you and what you’ve become today!
    Keep staying strong dear. ❤️

  46. I am inspired by your story. You gave the love which you did not receive when you needed it most. May God bless your heart.

  47. You are an inspiration dear. This piece is a light to guide the “hopeless” and to challenge the ones that are opportune. It’s a story for everyone. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  48. Volunteered for the society of saint Vincent de Paul even as an orphan??… Waoo!!!… You have a large heart my dear… And so much love to give… I celebrate you😘

  49. Wow!..
    This is inspiring. Indeed we can strive and become whatever we wish only if we’re determined.
    God bless you dear.

  50. Shekoni olaitan comfort

    So inspiring. All I could see was the face of a strong woman with a strong confidence voice recounting of all ordeals she has faced in becoming who she is.

    This is a story of thousands of voiceless child’s out there. You’re a voice to those voiceless voices that are crying and yearning to be heard.

    Thank you for the courage to tell this wonderful masterpiece.

  51. Irechukwu chidinma Rita

    Wow so lovely and inspiring…my elderly u are wonderful..greater height elder uche👍👍..we love u❤️

    1. Inspiring story, Uchechi.

      You sure tell your story beautifully….
      It’s amazing you made great of all that life offered.

      Rooting for you!❤️

  52. I feel so much inspired by your story. It’s a great thing that you haven’t allowed your past to affect your life negatively. Keep being you! ❤💖

  53. Irenaeus Chinaemerem Eze

    I am shocked by this story because of all the smiles you wear every time. You are different!
    I am deeply moved to read your story and I must commend you for the attitude you have put up; being a friendly and jovial lady who has not allowed her story take the better of her.

    I wish you all the best, Uchechi and that you have more success to make a more interesting story.

  54. Wow!
    You are loved baby girl, my great friend, motivator, generous to the core, God bless you and lift you high beyond expectations

  55. PANAMA .O. Emmanuel

    Our stories make us the person we are today.

    I like your originality my friend and greatness awaits you Uchechi Nwangwu.

  56. Uchechi, thank you for speaking the truth from your heart. You have an inspiring story… You’ll keep soaring higher. Get the win sis.

    1. Mark Janeth Chikwado

      One thing is certain, never allow our circumstances to define who we are and who we can be.
      You are a strong woman dear, keep inspiring people through your story.

    1. Wonah Victoria Omgbonya

      I am touched. You are indeed unlimited, ever since I meet you, my life has being inspired. I am glad I meet you .

  57. Receive encouragement today, like never before to soar higher than the Eagle bird! You were born to dominate! Your story will set the world at your feet and the world will be your stage!
    Stay winning, Uchechi!

    1. Inspiring!! Meeting you once with that all round smile, I knew you are a star. Surely you’ll sour high. A really good story, really emotional.

  58. Thelma Chinenye Iheme

    What a tremendous tale to read about! You surely have a story and it has made me to appreciate every point I find myself at. Your story has endowed me with an encompassing passion to be resilient and keep pushing. May you win this and have to tell the world, your winning story in grandstyle. GO UCHECHI GO!

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