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When purpose calls by CurrentMama Leuta Mankoane


Full Name: CurrentMama Leuta-Mankoane
Country Represented: Lesotho

Why did you enter this storytelling contest?

It has been a wish for me to take my storytelling ability very serious and thus came at the right time for me to be able to make my wish a reality. I always tell stories to all that are in my constituents.

What does storytelling mean to you?

Oh my gosh! Storytelling to me is everything because it is either you share your experiences with others so that they can get lessons, or be encouraged and in most cases is to inspire them. Irrespective of how sad the storyline maybe, someone always gets something out that they can use as a reference or a lesson. Therefore, storytelling is a way to help the world to become a better place through the power of words. Every time I share a story with my children, friends, neighbors or colleagues in my circle, I know that I am empowering someone to become better person somehow. Apart from this, storytelling helps me to grow as a person because I get encouraged when I see these many attentive ears eating from the palm of my hand. My storytelling has expanded to parties for little kids parties, where I wear funny to amuse them and start telling them stories that excite them and teach them at the same time, do not forget that in all of this, I create my own stories depending on the ages of children. This becomes a motivation for children and I also grow as I work hard on my content on daily basis. I am a Storyteller.

Why did you tell this story?

Because it represents beginning of my Purpose.

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10 thoughts on “When purpose calls by CurrentMama Leuta Mankoane”

    1. Dr Hunadi Chipane

      I Love how CurrentMama can draw you very close, how she elaborate in telling her story. Forever laughing and she always put a smile when she tells her story. When purpose calls, not to have found the love of her life but many South Africans who are ready to read or listen. Im one of the most fortunate person to meet CurrentMama on Facebook, you see, when Purpose call, no one can stop a purpose driven person….

  1. We are created for a purpose. It is true when purpose calls no body can stop it. We should therefore find out what is ones purpose in order to live a purposeful life. A life of purpose is joyful, peaceful and fulfilling and thus of touching lives and bring a difference to others and society in general.

    Well done Current Mama for you are living your purpose. May the Almighty God increase you and enlarge your territory.

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