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Uncles are supposed to be family by Efe Johnson

Why did you enter this storytelling contest?

I love to tell stories, whether its through Facebook posts and Twitter threads, or via writing poetry, books and classroom conversations.

Storytelling has become an important part of my life, maybe because I have got a lot of stories to tell from the eventful life I have lived so far. storytelling is everything.

What does storytelling mean to you?

Storytelling is a gift; to be able to tell of the world, yourself, pain, joy and love, to someone else who not only hears your words but sees them as well. Each word crafting a picture so vivid, you could actually live the experience all over again, or travel and be somewhere you’ve never physically been before — This is what storytelling is. A gift. It’s everything,

Why did you tell this story?

It’s a story I’ve never told before.

it’s my life; an important part of it.

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