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The God in me by Lawrence Simatyaba

About Lawrence

Full Name: Lawrence Simatyaba
Country Represented: Zambia

Why did you enter this storytelling contest?

I have observed that there is too much moral decay in our African society, we need to promote positive behaviours. I strongly feel that my story is unique and that most young people can learn something out of it. It’s not about the money, but I really want my story to be heard in the whole of Africa.

What does storytelling mean to you?

To me, storytelling entails imparting knowledge of change in a particular society or individual. Stories told with passion can bring about positive change in either an individual or societies by learning from them. Stories can also preserve culture.

Why did you tell this story?

It’s close to my heart because it is my true personal life experience, I feel so bad and sad when I look at my missed opportunities. So I want people to learn from the mistakes which I made.

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91 thoughts on “The God in me by Lawrence Simatyaba”

  1. READ
    PSALMS 4: 9
    2PETER 1: 9
    ROMANS 8: 1
    PSALMS 3: 8
    1PETER 1:19 &19



    MATTHEW 11: 28-30
    VS 29 SAYS

    1. Thank you so much for the bible scriptures and verses shared, i thank God for your words of encouragment.God bless you

    1. Thank you brother, God bless you, lets keep up the faith.our God is able, we need to have true repentance and stop pretending at all cost. God knows what we do in secret, nothing is hidden from him.

    2. We need to be grateful for what the Lord has given us, any little opportunity be it in government, school or business need to be treasured. Let’s avoid pride and be humble all the time. God lifts the humble and puts down those that have pride

  2. Indeed there is moral decay in the nations and that includes our churches. Teachers and preachers don’t have time to warn and give a wake up call to the holiness living to God.

    1. We have to make things right with God.marriage was constituted by God for a purpose, off late we have seen many people abuse the institute of marriage. Lets get back to the original call that God intituted marriage.

  3. God is in control,when you truly repent he shall surely come through for you. He is feeling your pain and he’s there with you.

    1. Lawrence simatyaba

      Let the mercies of the Lord locate me for all my bad actions, all I need now is God’s mercy. Remember me in prayer, the pain is just too much, I regret of all my old actions , may God wipe away any curse upon my life that came as a result of my actions

    1. Its very easy to destroy something that you have worked for , for many years, but it will take alot of time to rebuild it. Lets safe guard our marriages and whatever God has blessed us with.

      1. Marriage is sacred, as such people need to treasure it and remain faithful. Adultery has consequeses. Please to all married couples, remain faithful to each other

    1. Lawrence simatyaba

      Infidelity is bad, it attracts a curse, you can learn from my story that it’s so easy to attract a curse, but to remove a curse, it takes along of time. Let’s embrace good moral’s so as to avoid curses.

    1. My appeal is that , let’s work hard for our wealth, avoid corruption, things earned through hardwork will last for a long time unlike things earned through corruption or magic

    1. Lawrence simatyaba

      Thank you mutale, take care of yourself, trust no one in this life, remember to put all your trust in our almighty God, let him lead your path all the time. Even some people who pretend to be good are just there to destroy innocent lives

    1. Lawrence simatyaba

      Well, thank you for listening to my true life experience story, my prayer and hope is that, may this story help you to take the opportunity you have serious, be focused and keep up with your good moral’s mwitwa, inspire others as you have always done.above all what ever happens to me, remember my story. I have nothing to material to share with you, but my story should be your source of strength and courage.

    1. Lawrence simatyaba

      Thank so much for the kind words and comfort.continue praying for me that I find a job. It’s been very rough

    2. Lawrence simatyaba

      And my wish for you is not to ever make the mistakes I made, they only delay ones destiny and destroy ones future.remember to always stick to one partner and remain faithful.make rightful choices in life. Take opportunities presented to you serious, once you loose them, it might be very difficult to chance new ones.

    3. Lawrence simatyaba

      Let’s always remember to live a moraly upright lives, let’s always remember the good teaching of our parents so that we live long here on earth. I regret of every single bad habit and action I took, I pray today for God’s purification of my life. God have mercy, am on my knees

  4. Elizabeth Nyirongo

    Touching story, all in all the God we save is bigger than the problems and difficulties we face in this World, be prayerful and have faith in God that all will be well.

    1. Lawrence simatyaba

      Help me in prayer so that I can find something to do and put food on the table for my son, I really miss him a lot and I want to be reunited to him. It has taken 10 years since I have been separated from him.

  5. Loveness nyirongo

    This is very sad brother continue praying, cry to God tell him that you have changed and you have realize your mistakes 🙏🙏🙏 he will surely for give you. He always forgive those those how repent in truth and he will open new doors for you coz you wiii become a new Creation.

    1. Lawrence simatyaba

      True, tried everything within my power to no avail, now I have surrendered everything unto God. He is my helper

    1. Lawrence simatyaba

      Yah, it’s being rough, my prayer is that people should learn something from my life experience.i feel humbled to touch a life of one person out there with my story

    1. Lawrence simatyaba

      Thank you,
      Please always pray for me, I need God’s mercy, the pain is just too much and I miss my son, cause I am not staying with him.

    1. Lawrence simatyaba

      It has as taken me more than 10 years now since it happened. But up to now, things are still hard for me. It’s easy to loose something, but to gain it, it’s not easy, this is how serious my case is. It just needs the intervention of God almighty

    1. Lawrence simatyaba

      I need divine intervention, I have tried in my own human fresh but nothing has worked, only God can restore my life to its full ness

  6. This is so touching. We sometimes misunderstand the people who really care and love us… We only learn to understand and realize that when they are no more.

    1. Lawrence simatyaba

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I just want God to restore me fully and seek forgiveness from all the people our have injured in the process. Continue praying for me .

    2. Lawrence simatyaba

      All I am asking from you are your prayers so that God can have divine mercy on me. I have tried on my own but have failed. Please help me in prayer

    1. Lawrence simatyaba

      You are one of the few friends who have given me hope, each time I speak to you, you rekindle my spirit to fight own despite all odds. You are a true friend indeed

    2. Lawrence simatyaba

      Out of this experience, it pushed me to register a youth network called, Network for youth with a purpose NYP the organisation I use to preach positive behaviour change messages to the youth and general community. I am currently the President for the said network, but it has been very difficult to source for funding to support my work. I also provide consultant works to government and various NGOs but it hasn’t been going well.

    1. Lawrence simatyaba

      Your rates you offer to God on my behalf mean alot a Nd I know that God will surely reward you for your unfailing love you have shown to me. You are a brother and true friend in my life. Will always treasure you. God bless you for the kind words and sympathy

    2. This so touching, my prayer for you is that may God bless you and restore back all your lost fortunes. This story brings out what is mostly happening in our society. Thank you for your braveness. It’s not easy my brother. Hold on to God. I will always pray for you.

      1. Lawrence simatyaba

        Thank you so much exildah, I really appreciate your comments and your kind words. God bless you. And am asking you to continue praying for me .God bless you

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