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Love at first order by Tshifhiwa Boanerges


Full Name: Tshifhiwa Boanerges
Country Represented: South Africa

Tshifiwa reminisces on the day he met his ultimate crush in a downtown restaurant. He describes the moment as being revived back to life after being seemingly numb for years. A beautiful tale of love and how we can find it in the most least likely places.

Why did you enter this storytelling contest?

I’ve always wanted to narrate my life using words and always use my life as a gateway to people’s hearts to show them that it’s possible to become who you want to be.

What does storytelling mean to you?

To me, it’s my life, the life I live every day.

Why did you tell this story?

Because it’s not just some fiction work but something I’ve lived, and still living, all in all, it’s my everyday life.

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43 thoughts on “Love at first order by Tshifhiwa Boanerges”

  1. Rebecca Usiiju James Yohanna

    Great job 👍🏽 so inspiring 💞💞 keep soaring high and higher sis🥰💕 we are proud of you.

    1. Basetsana Motaung

      Aaaaaaa Chifiwa!
      You know what!? God really blessed us with you and your talent – your way around words is always amazing and maaan I can tell that you were smittened my this lady hey😅! The way you smile as you reminisce on those moments, aaaa it brought a smile to MY face. This is amazing, keep blessing us with such talent and I hope that lady notices you one day. ❤️

  2. Netshidzati Thonifho Innocent

    Mostly pepole who has inspired us ain’t people in the TV but are those that we’ve spent our lives with… Tshifhiwa your words has always been of power…today i live by some of the things u taught me…you’re a king in the making…may the almighty God bless you abundantly and above all you can ask for

  3. May God grant you, your heart desire, may your desire reach the heart of those who were waiting for this manifestation in Jesus mighty name, you are a blessing in the body of Christ, I pray may you turn many to Christ in Jesus matchless name

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