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How to resolve childhood trauma by Yamina Hamidi


Full Name: Yamina Hamidi
Country Represented: Algeria

Why did you enter this storytelling contest?

Before this contest, I used storytelling when writing articles and essays online and while writing scripts for my podcast and videos.

What inspired me to enter the Ultimate Storyteller Contest is the possibility of reaching/touching/ communicating with a larger audience and take my storytelling to a higher level by learning more through it, evolving as a storyteller and hearing other people’s stories, and seeing how people are going to react to my storytelling.

What does storytelling mean to you?

It is my way of communicating my ideas and thoughts in every day life, without stories there won’t be connection, depth and meaning. It helps me add dimension and perspective to the message or information I am trying to communicate, whether via texting, writing (articles, essays and scripts), podcasting or film-making, and even in a form of audio or audio-visual storytelling.

Storytelling is powerful, people can relate through it to what you’re saying, it is also a way to illustrate what we are sharing to give value to the content that we are proposing, and to make it comprehensible.

Why did you tell this story?

I have always wanted to tell this story properly and in a proper context with the proper words and tone but I never had an adequate opportunity to do so. This contest came at the right time.

Another reason that made me choose this story is that storytelling is a process, a journey, and an evolution that has a beginning. I choose this story to be my beginning, I want to begin it with boldness.

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